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Hybrid Toy Bonnie
Character Information
Known as Hybrid Toy Bonnie the Bunny
Species Animatronic Bunny
Gender Male
Color Light Blue
Starting location  ???
First appearance Unknown

Hybrid Toy Bonnie is one of the hybrid animatronics and an antagonist from Fazbear Reborn. 


Hybrid Toy Bonnie has the same appearance as Toy Bonnie's from Five Nights at Freddy's 2, although, he is missing his left arm(right arm from his perspective), much like Hybrid Foxy and has wires sticking out of his right hand and where his missing arm should be. He also appears to be withered and has pin-pricked eyes, but he still keeps the same color scheme as he had in the second game.




  • Hybrid Toy Bonnie has been speculated to move around normally, as most of the other hybrids are speculated to.
  • Hybrid Toy Bonnie is one of three animatronics that is missing his right arm. Another one being Hybrid Foxy.