The Jester is the main character of Fazbear Reborn, we don't know so much about him.

Character Information
Known as The Jester.
Species Animatronic
Gender Male
Color White
Starting location Unknow
First appearance Unknow
Status Alive

Appearance Edit

We don't have a clear vision of him he looks a animatronic with no face. He has a soul is in him, he have a jester's hat wires around his "face", white eyes and a classic jester costume. He is seen in the minigame at the end of the Fazbear Reborn Night 1 demo, where you follow him and he leads you to Winterlock. When you touch Winterlock, The Jester says "You Can't Save Him".

Location Edit

Unknown for now.

Trivia Edit

  • The Jester looks to have no face only white eyes and wires.
  • The Jester is the most important animatronic in all the history of Fazbear Reborn
  • It is unknown why exactly he thinks you can't save Winterlock, or why he needs to be saved.